Friday, 23 August 2013

The Royal Baby At Cricket!

Hello there! Long time no see! Sorry I haven't written a blog post in a while, I've actually had a life that I was busy  living, but now that summer is drawing to an end and so is my social life, I can start writing my blog again! :D

Summer 2K13 (As the 'kool' kids call it) is one summer that I'm not going to forget for a long time. Many things happened this summer, my two best friends Josh and Sophia came out from England to visit and we had a BLAST. I also met my long lost Trinidad twin Justin. Oh yeah, and I went to quite a... 'memorable' cricket match.

Now I always enjoy cricket matches way more than I should and end up not being able to speak the next day because of my cheering and chanting at the top of my voice for no particular team. Regardless of the fact that I haven't the slightest clue as to what's going on, I definitely have the most fun at cricket. Unfortunately it's the people like Justin who sit right next to me who suffer as ever single second that passes I'm asking him 'What just happened?!' 'What does that mean?!' 'What are those stick thingies for?!' 'What teams are playing again?!' Poor boy.

Luckily this time I didn't almost get beat up though. Last time I went to a cricket match, West Indies Vs Australia, while I was I was walking to my seat this beast of a man gripped my arm with his sausage-for-fingers hands and pulled me towards him. I swear he was foaming at the mouth, plus he reeked a pungent odour of vomit and alcohol. As if the hulk himself was yelling at me he said 'IS U A US-TRAIL-EE-UN?!?!' I held my breath for a couple seconds as I let the stench die down then I replied a nervous 'Ummm... No'. At that he flung me away as he yelled "GOOD!!"   I'm so happy he didn't see me later on as I then decided to root for Australia.

*Flashback over*

Although this time around I didn't get harassed by Shrek, I did however witness a death. Not just of Darren Sammy's career, but of a pyro-technician. Now I haven't really heard the exact detail as to how he died but I remember the cheerleaders stopped dancing, and they were the only thing I was actually paying attention too! Unfortunately, it turned out that he got electrocuted on the right where the cheerleaders were! Hence the reason why they had to stop and leave. What I find most irritating thought is that it took FLIPPING AGES for anyone to come along!! Guys were jump down from the bleachers to help, a massive crowd had gathered around the area and women were frantically waving the first-aid department only for them to casually stroll over like 2 minutes later!

If they had come quicker they might of even saved him! On top of all of that, this whole incident was simply 'swept under the carpet' with very little ever being said in the days that followed. Can you imagine if it was a player that had gotten electrocuted and DIED?! St. Lucia would NEVER hear the end of it!

Poor guy. Wrong place. Wrong time. And the cheerleaders never came back.

Besides all the death it was still an amazing night and I can't wait until my next cricket match! :D
Oh and thanks to Justin for being my personal cricket commentator, who also gave me a heads up as to when the fireworks were going to be launched so I can video tape them, they obvious stopped when the pyro-technician died though...

The entertainment provided was really good too like these clown/thing/people on stilts, it's a shame they didn't fall though...

Let's not forget this guy, he made my night!!! I finally got to see the royal baby, and at a cricket match of all places! :')

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By the way that Darren Sammy joke was pure satire...

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